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Shadows in The White City


Robert's new book is set against the backdrop of the 1893 Chicago World's Fair, "EXPO." Find out all about it in the following film narrated by Gene Wilder.

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At Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap, yes, you can follow me as I blog on the progress and success or failure of putting together my 50th novel. Without a contract, written on speculation only in my head and faith in the material and myself—I am keeping a dairy-type Journal about the process of crafting the novel.

This is like getting a creative writing course from Professor Walker. Follow me as I write a Suspense Novel Before Your Eyes, and no matter what category or genre you are working in, there is so much you can pick up from following this process. Imagine if you had the opportunity to look in over the shoulder of a veteran author and watch his hand at work. There can be no better classroom, and you are not limited in asking questions or offering comments.

I hope you will come over to Dirty Deeds to have a look-see and follow me as I cook up a layered, complex multi-generational suspense thriller with elements of horror, romance, science fiction, and historical accuracy turned on its head. Again the site is instructional and the instructor is moi – Professor Robert W. Walker at http://tinyurl.com/ykch9vf

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I just finished reading a remarkable book. It is "Children of Salem (Romance & Intrigue in the Time of the Witch Trials – 1692) by Robert W. Walker. The first thing I'll say is that the title is a bit unwieldy. And in all candor I have to say that the romance, while present, is not all that relevant but does make a good vehicle for the story to proceed, which it definitely does. While it is certainly not a 100% credible source, I did do a search on Wikipedia and the story by Walker appears to be accurate as far as the incidents went. At least that part that does not include the romance.

I, like others, have always heard of the Salem witch trials but have never known much about them. Somehow I had understood that the accused witches were burned but as the book pointed out, only one was ever burned and she was also accused of burning the home and killing the family which owned her (she was a slave). The rest were hanged, most of them at Salem. For me this was a riveting story. Well, maybe more chilling than riveting. I was constantly wondering where this would end, fearing the worst but hoping for the best. All this when I had a pretty good idea that it would end, and end in infamy. But I was truly afraid. I felt I was thrust into the terrifying situation rather than just being told about it. I would give this book two thumbs up but that's copyrighted so I'll give it 4 stars. Can that be copyrighted as well? Well, let just say that I HIGHLY recommend it.

The story moves well, from beginning to end though as in this and others of Walker's books, the last 50 pages or so I simply could not put it down. Consequently I am writing this on very little sleep. I'm a fan of well researched historical fiction and this certainly fills the bill. So I would strongly say, good job and suggest all my fellow historical fiction fans to grab this one.

PSI: Blue

"PSI: Blue is intoxicating in its wicked tendencies. Characters that beg to be explored and saved, weaved into a story that is hauntingly evil in nature. There is no escaping the hypnotic talent of this writing master."
– Okeechobee Book Reviews 


"PSI: Blue is laugh out loud funny and creepy at once! Walker's created a terrific character; ranks up there with Carl Hiassen and Janet Evonovich for sheer nerve. What happens in this book should not happen even to a fictitious person, but Rae Murphy Hiyakawa is up to the challenge! She's all woman and a hell of a psychic detective. Makes TV's Medium look like child's play."
– J.A. Konrath, author Rusty Nail, a Jack Daniels Mystery


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