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My next seagoing suspense thriller. On SALE NOW – my latest novella. Something’s alive on a sixty-year-old shipwreck, the Andea Doria. Some secrets are better left dead.

DEAD SHIP DOWN: Something's Alive on the Andrea Doria
By Robert Walker
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When Professor Jake Stoughton and Dr. Jenna Corey dive to the Andrea Doria, 250 feet below the Atlantic, it's a recovery operation for a reward placed on the remains of the 17th diver to the shipwreck, Thom Richards--last man to lose his life in the effort. The motivation is to create a documentary on the seemingly unluckiest place below the waves. But it soon turns into a frightful discovery of secrets that the Andea Doria has kept hidden for 60 years. With the help of Sharky, Jim, and Dolph the dive team uncovers a supernatural element named Lenora, the lost child of the Andrea Doria, but they also uncover a terrible secret beyond anything ghostly. They discover an all-too-human conspiracy to take the ship down in 1956 when it 'collided' with The Stockhom. A conspiracy to make it and its menacing cargo a home for sea life and a DEAD SHIP DOWN.

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