An introductory story to all 8 of my Series – save the Chicaghosts Series which was created after Party of 8. Nine Series….hmmm, a record maybe or close on?

THRILLER PARTY of 8: The 1 that got Away
THRILLER PARTY of 8: The 1 that got Away - Kindle Edition (144 pages)
By Robert W. Walker
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Each of eight short stories based on the characters from the author's eight continuing series make up a PARTY of 8. Each story introduces characters from the corresponding novels of Dr. Jessica Coran, ME, FBI, Cherokee Det. Lucas Stonecoat, Chicago ME Dean Grant, Decoy Det. Ryne Lanark, Chicago Inspector Alastair Ransom, Psychic Det. Aurelia Murphy Hiyakawa, Vampire Slayer Dr. Abraham Stroud, Det. Eric Bannon and ME Angelica Hunter. These characters are featured respectively in my Instinct Series, the Edge Series, the Dean Grant ME Series, the Decoy Series, the City Series, the PSI Series, the Bloodscreams Series, and the Flesh Wars Series. The stories then move from crime novels and medical examiners and police and serial killers to historical suspense to psychics, urban fantasy and strictly horror tales. Both the Instinct and the City Series are award-winning series. The author, Robert W. Walker has over fifty full length titles on his Kindle bookshelf, as many stand-alone titles as series titles are peppered into his Kindle offerings.

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