Robert W. Walker is the Author of over 70 Novels covering a range of genres; thrillers, horror, mysteries, historical fiction, and young adult.

The ‘Old Fart’ Squad – Sleuths of the Chicaghosts Series

by Robert W. Walker, author of Dead On Instinct In coming across an article in the AARP Magazine, I read of how one police department was hoping to solve more Cold Case files by rehiring retired police detectives to cover Cold Files; it caught my full attention and my...

Interview with Author Robert W. Walker by Randy Richardson

Compelling. An adjective that means having a powerful and irresistible effect. Robert W. Walker completed his first novel in high school and it was good enough to get him into Northwestern University. He has since gone on to pen more than 40 books. What he has sought...

Contours and Shapes in Genre Fiction

by Robert W. Walker, author of Under the Dead Man’s Hat, Vampire Dreams & 80 other titles There are steps a young writer can take to improve the contours of a story overnight. There are skills that can be taught and understood in teachable moments about writing....

How I arrive at the 6th Sense in Setting Scenes

by Robert W. Walker Amid the clamor of writing, the sounds fill our heads—voices of characters, often clear, distinct and speaking in complete sentences or yelping in pain; then the clang of bells, the whisper of grasshoppers, the feel of a half-wild breeze and her...

ALL HANDS on DECK, All Characters ACT

There are –not a good way to open a story, THERE WERE or THERE ARE…just saying. These are not rules but rather what I have learned over a lifetime of writing: Never start your story describing a sunset or a moonglow or a stand of trees UNLESS there is a dangerous...


Walker is a master at the top of his craft

J.A. Konrath, Origin

Every time you think no one can do anything new with the serial killer novel, Walker proves you wrong as he does just that.

Ed Gorman, creator of Mystery Scene Magazine

Walker snatches the reader’s mind for the duration of the novel…

Midwest Review of Books

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