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ALL HANDS on DECK, All Characters ACT

There are –not a good way to open a story, THERE WERE or THERE ARE…just saying. These are not rules but rather what I have learned over a lifetime of writing: Never start your story describing a sunset or a moonglow or a stand of trees UNLESS there is a dangerous...

On Becoming an Artful Writer

Martin Scorscese was awarded a special life’s work Golden Globe award for directing films, and his acceptance speech was a long eulogy to all those who came before him, all those he learned from and built upon. Ever watch a young artist at work? Go to any museum and...

The GALLOPING WRITER: correcting the dysfunctional author’s life

Fast Writing is Confident Writing Writers like any artists have spells when they wonder why bother, what am I doing this for, may's well stop wasting my time, my energy on this 'nonsense' -- creating fiction, a pack of lies to prove a truth, and if it is for money or...

It’s time to clear the old bats out of your attic

Robert W. Walker doesn't want any distractions around while you read DEAD ON. Not some whispering noises from above your bedroom ceiling, nor finger-nail scratches on the window pane, not even the scurrying of rats and bats in the attic. You need to concentrate, have...

The Monster Pit is Published!

When you meet Det. Aubrey Hamilton, Jack Wiz Wiznewski, George GD Detweilder, and Reggie Plymale --- The Old Fart Squad of Chicago PD, you're going to 'fall' for their charming ways. The represent Chicago's Finest retired cops. Called back to duty to fight the...


Walker is a master at the top of his craft

J.A. Konrath, Origin

Every time you think no one can do anything new with the serial killer novel, Walker proves you wrong as he does just that.

Ed Gorman, creator of Mystery Scene Magazine

Walker snatches the reader’s mind for the duration of the novel…

Midwest Review of Books

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