Nash Black “Troubadour” (Jamestown, KY)

DEAD ON by Robert W. Walker is a horror/thriller supreme when Marcus Rydell, PI & Dr. Kat Mallory plot revenge on the psychotic killer, Iden Cantu who has destroyed their lives.

Rydell suffers from blackout spells that can not be explained, when the chips were down he went down while his partner, Stan Miersky and two other patrolmen are executed. Cantu instead of killing the helpless Rydell lets him live with the aftermath of his cop killing spree.

One of the dead officers was the young husband of Dr. Katrina “Kat” Mallory. Consumed with hatred for the vicious killer, Kat holds a gun point date with Rydell to illicit his aid in trapping Cantu so she can make his die a dreadful death.

The pace of this well crafted novel never slows and you will be reading to the end.
The fine production will be followed by a sequel DEAD END.
Nash Black, author of Indie finalists WRITING AS A SMALL BUSINESS and HAINTS.

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