Reviewed by Stephanie Boyd

Four years ago former Atlanta police officer Marcus Rydell was left alive and physically unharmed while his partner and two other cops were brutally slain. Since then Marcus has lost everything: his reputation, his family, and his desire to find justice. He is surviving as a PI but he no longer feels life is worth living. Until Kat Holley pulls him out of his funk by challenging him to help her destroy the former-Marine survivalist, Iden Cantu, who has evaded police since he killed her husband and the other two cops and left Marcus alive.

But nothing could prepare Marcus and Kat for the ultimate evil mad man who has decided to kill the families of the men he massacred on that day four years ago. Cantu is focused on causing Marcus the ultimate pain of making him suffer because he is helpless as everyone else is brutally murdered before Cantu finally comes for Marcus. Do Marcus and Kat stand a chance in outwitting Cantu to stay alive?

Dead On is and outstanding thriller, like all the other books I have read by Robert W. Walker. The story is fast paced and filled with suspense and terror as normal people try to find away to survive a mad man who has nothing to lose.

I loved Marcus and Kat; they are both determined, intelligent, and yet flawed in a way that makes them that much more appealing. As they get to know each other, they realize that they have misjudged one another and a romance begins to develop-right before the mad man finds them! The budding romance gives the couple a reason to not only defeat Cantu but also reason to survive. But can they win and live with the actions they may be forced to take to stay alive?

If you have never read a book by this author, do yourself a favor, read this book and get swept away in this story of terrifying suspense, romance, a quest for justice and to stop the ultimate evil mad man, and an ultimate test of moral convictions!

Armchair Interviews says: A 5-star read from this very prolific writer known for his and horror and suspense stories.

From our armchair to yours…

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