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Dead On suspense with Moonlighting Romance

Reviewed by Stephanie Boyd Four years ago former Atlanta police officer Marcus Rydell was left alive and physically unharmed while his partner and two other cops were brutally slain. Since then Marcus has lost everything: his reputation, his family, and his desire to...

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Excellent Read!

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Just finished Reading Dead On

By  Karl & Linda (Linda) I just had to stay up late last night and finish it. You know I only downloaded it because it was free in pdf format and I had never tried the conversion and upload to K2 process so I thought this would be a good one to try it with. Before...

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Bloody Chill

Nash Black “Troubadour” (Jamestown, KY) DEAD ON by Robert W. Walker is a horror/thriller supreme when Marcus Rydell, PI & Dr. Kat Mallory plot revenge on the psychotic killer, Iden Cantu who has destroyed their lives. Rydell suffers from blackout spells that can...

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