Fast Writing is Confident Writing

Writers like any artists have spells when they wonder why bother, what am I doing this for, may’s well stop wasting my time, my energy on this ‘nonsense’ — creating fiction, a pack of lies to prove a truth, and if it is for money or the Big Win, why don’t I just play the ponies like ‘normal’ gamblers do?

There’s a blues song in this mood, a blues song for writers and artists, so you have a drink filled with remorse and regret. And then a young person comes to your private bar, comes along and says thank you, says of your worst, earliest book that it was his first ever for him. His first to turn him onto reading. Or that it was her first novel of that genre, and that the thing you crafted moved this person on to read more—not just by you but by others in your category.

Then you begin to realize you have spent all that time and energy and talent and skills learned and adapted, all those tools you have picked up and made your own for this reason: to open up whole worlds of your making to others—to readers. That you have created portals the likes of which (with each book you write) open on another time, another place, filled with fully-realized characters.

A portal through which real people (readers) have come and have shared, filling out the formula of Author + Book/Portal + Reader = Magic, similar to the formula for oxygen (H20). With this realization, all author doubts and questioning, all the stabbing at the heart of oneself, all regrets and remorse slough away, at which point you go back to your work-in-play (WIP). Rejuvenated, because there are readers yet to connect to, readers to feed, and there is always a portal to open.

I put out 3 titles one summer and fall:  #3 in my CHICAGHOSTS Series, GOATBUSTER sequel to GONE GORILLA and THE MONSTER PIT found at

The second FRESH title that summer was #8 in my Bloodscreams Series, SATANIPEDES which follows SKITTERS. Me writing as Geoffrey Caine, who minces few words!

The additional title that same summer was #1 in a new Series called Killing Time – Under the Dead Man’s Hat. Sequel now available – Under the Dead Lady’s Corset found at

Click on any one of the above for a GREAT READ and thanks for tuning in!

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